What to Consider When Choosing a Sterilization System for Your Clinic

It is no secret that sterilization products in the dental industry are one of the most important investments your clinic will make. These products will protect everyone involved including your team members, your patients and yourself. It is critical that your clinic meets all sterilization and sanitation standards, these vary slightly depending where your clinic is located. Be sure to know your local requirements.

So what products are on the market that will assist your clinic in making sure you are not cross contaminating or spreading infectious disease? Dental sterilizers, or autoclaves, are an absolute must in a dental clinic. Most autoclaves use steam that reaches temperatures of over 100 degree Celsius to ensure proper sterilization of equipment. There are autoclaves that use dry heat to help eliminate the moisture from the process.

Autoclaves are one of the most used pieces of equipment in a dental clinic. There are many things to consider when shopping for autoclaves for your clinic. Keep in mind, this will be one of your most significant investments for your clinic so be sure to use a reputable company that offers an extensive product warranty. Along with that, training and excellent customer service should be a priority so that your team members will feel supported and be able to use the equipment to the best of its ability.

Another key factor to consider when shopping for sterilization equipment is the amount of items that you will need to sterilize daily. If you have chosen a company that has a knowledgeable sales team, they will be able to recommend an appropriate size of autoclave for your needs.

The ease of operation and dependability should also be considered when shopping for new sterilization equipment. New equipment does not have to be complicated and your team members should not have to ‘babysit’ the equipment while it is doing its job. Your staff should be able to have equipment sterilized and ready to use easily.

In recent years, technology has advanced the system of monitoring sterilization in the dental field. Terragene have been leaders in the latest technology which helps to eliminate human error and decrease the amount of time it takes to sterilize equipment and record results. Equipment like the Bionova MiniBio auto-reader from Terragene is an automatic system for quality control and traceability of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization processes. It features 3 metal positions and a built-in thermal printer to record  the result digitally, which will save you time and staff resources.

If you have any questions about the latest technology feel free to reach out to our reliable and knowledgeable staff by emailing sales@neosource.ca or call 800-847-3160.