Breaking Down Different Types of Medical Gloves

There are three different types of medical-use gloves that are used most commonly. They are latex, vinyl and nitrile. Often people are confused about what the difference is. It is important to understand the difference and which type might suit your needs and the...

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Breaking Down the Global Medical-Grade Glove Shortage

Everyday dental professionals use medical-grade gloves. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic these gloves have become increasing harder to keep in stock. Not only that, there has been a dramatic price increase and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon....

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Handpiece Maintenance

The leading cause of failure in handpieces is insufficient or improper lubrication. It’s important to not only lubricate your handpiece, but to do so properly. When lubricating your handpiece, be sure to: Remove the bur prior to applyingUse the drive air port (the...

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