Dental Waterline Solutions

Clinics are expected to keep a standard of water in their waterline but you may be left wondering, ‘is my water clean enough?’ It is a great question to ask and here we have gathered up tips to help you answer that question more confidently. It is difficult to measure if your water is ‘good enough’ and that is why it is important to take steps to ensure you have the cleanest water possible.

Purging the waterline is a common practice that is used in dental clinics but is not enough to ensure there will be no bacteria in your dental unit’s waterlines.

If you have a dental chair in your clinic that is not used regularly, do not forget about it! If water is not moving in the waterline, it gives bacteria a chance to grow with no interruptions since the residual disinfectant will lose their ability to keep bacteria from growing. To avoid this, run water through the line most days, even if it is just for a few seconds. However, to keep your dental unit’s waterlines bacteria free you will need to use a water line treatment.

Be sure your staff has regular and proper training when it comes to EPA labels. This will help with consistency in your water quality. Another way to ensure the quality of your water is to have a 3rd party lab test your water approximately once a quarter initially till you have a full scope of your water. Once that is established, you may only need an outside source to test once a year. If this test does not come back the way you would like it to, this test will help to give you clues so that you can fix the problem.

Keep up with the latest techniques on keeping your water quality high. Strategies and techniques are evolving every day when it comes to disinfecting water. Staying on top of these changes may help you save time and money at the end of the day.

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