Biological Indicators in Sterilization Monitoring

The most important reason dental clinics should have proper sterilization monitoring is to ensure safety in patient care and that there is no chance of infectious diseases spreading through dental instruments. It is also mandatory to have an effective system in place...

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Employee Spotlight with Kevin Haldane

What is your role at Neosource, and how long have you been in the industry? KH: This month, I have become the Operations Team Lead; I have been working here since July 2011 in sales, customer service, and marketing. What is your favourite part of working in the dental...

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Dental Waterline Solutions

Clinics are expected to keep a standard of water in their waterline but you may be left wondering, ‘is my water clean enough?’ It is a great question to ask and here we have gathered up tips to help you answer that question more confidently. It is difficult to measure...

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