Keeping the Air Clean at Your Dental Clinic

At dental clinics, air purification is a critical part of the day-to-day operations for both patients and team members. Patients are in the clinic for a short amount of time so have less exposure to the chemicals and bacteria that are in the air while team members are exposed to the air in the clinic for extended amounts of time. It is important that the air that everyone breathes is as clean as possible. So how can that be accomplished?

The first step in the process is awareness. Recognizing there are small particles, gaseous impurities and ultrafine particles in the air that can lead to asthma or allergies, among other ailments, with long term exposure will assist in finding solutions and trying to provide the safest space for both team members and patients.

Thanks to research and science there has been advancements in purifying air indoors. For example, the Canadian-based company Jaspr has designed an air purifier that will clean air in the clinic of gases, viruses, bacteria, allergens, bioaerosols and odors. Technology brings comfort with a real-time monitor that shows exactly what is going on with the air in the clinic.  Air purifiers are an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning the air in the clinic.

Another tool that can be used to keep the air clean is an extraoral suction system. These are used to remove contamination produced by aerosols and splatter from high-speed equipment such as scalers and drills. These systems are designed to vacuum up contamination. This leads to less exposure of harmful chemicals and bodily fluids for both team members and patients.

Be sure to keep air quality in the clinic as a top priority. Work with your team to find a solution that everyone is comfortable with and provides a layer of safety for patients and team members.

If you have any questions about how to keep the air clean in your clinic, please reach out to our knowledgeable team by emailing or call 800-847-3160.