Handpiece Maintenance

The leading cause of failure in handpieces is insufficient or improper lubrication. It’s important to not only lubricate your handpiece, but to do so properly.

When lubricating your handpiece, be sure to:

  • Remove the bur prior to applyingUse the drive air port (the smaller of the two holes) to apply your lubricant as this is the only direct path to the turbine, and use
  • Lubricate your chuck every time it is sterilized

After lubricating, run the handpiece through the delivery unit tubing for 20-30 seconds to flush any excess lubricant out. If it appears discoloured, repeat the process until the flushed lubricant is clear. Always refer to your handpiece manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure you do not accidentally damage your handpiece.

Even with proper care and lubrication, handpieces may need to be repaired. When this happens, trust NeoSource to complete your handpiece repair within 72 hours, guaranteed.

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