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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nitrile Gloves Latex Free?

Yes, nitrile gloves are latex free. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 18% of the population is allergic to latex, 17% work in the health care field while the other 1% represents the general population. More people are moving toward non-latex gloves.

Latex Gloves vs. Nitrile Gloves – Which one is for me?

Nitrile gloves are three times stronger than latex gloves. Nitrile is also harder to puncture, which provides better protection for the health care worker.

Latex is a serious, potentially life threatening allergy that can appear without warning. Some people suffer only dermatology (skin rash) symptoms.

While others can suffer a much more serious reaction called anaphylactic shock. When a person goes into anaphylactic shock the body releases an overload of histamine and other various vasoactive substances such as (Angiotensin II and Nitric Oxide) which constrict the blood flow to the body and the brain.

Nitrile gloves are the better choice for the reasons listed above. As health care support staff, you are at a higher risk for developing a latex allergy. Even though you may not wear latex gloves, when the gloves are put on and removed latex particles are dispensed into the air.

What is a Nitrile Glove?

A nitrile glove is a disposable glove that is made out of synthetic rubber, which is made from petroleum. Nitrile rubber is also commonly known as Europrene, Krynac, and Nipol. Nitrile gloves are similar in appearance and texture to latex gloves. Our brands of disposable nitrile gloves are powder-free which means they don't come with cornstarch powder inside them.

Why Use a Nitrile Glove?

Nitrile gloves have several benefits including exceptional resistance to numerous varieties of chemicals and hazardous waste.

In a health care setting, whether it is a medical facility or dental office, there is always some type of chemical or hazardous waste you want to avoid direct contact with.

A few of these items you will find in both types of facilities include x-ray waste (silver and lead), body fluids and blood, and sharps (both used and unused needles.) In addition, drugs that fall under the toxic category such as chemotherapy drugs.

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