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Our Value Statements

our mission statement

The innovative Neosource ordering system is designed to provide a fun, easy and rewarding way for healthcare professionals to order the products
they need quickly and simply.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a company that provides healthcare professionals with a customer friendly, reliable and efficient way to order their supplies. Our online ordering system will be searchable and personable. Payment methods will be secure and shipping of all in stock products will be quick and painless!

7 Foundational Values of Neosource

  1. Giving our clients a positive, compelling experience is our number 1 priority
  2. To provide time saving solutions and prompt support to any client requests or questions.
  3. We are committed to innovation and creativity - we are unique!
  4. Growth personally, corporately and financially; never rely in yesterday’s successes!
  5. Every worthwhile relationship is mutually beneficial. We will provide value to our partners, clients, suppliers and employees in return for their loyalty and support.
  6. Positivity is the atmosphere we breathe
  7. Being accountable; living by these values
Convenient, user friendly with consistent pricing
Quick Shipping, All instock items shipped within 24 hours
Free Shipping, on orders over $200
Order management, Available for managing multiple locations
Rewards program, click here to learn more!
our promise

In the competitive market for medical, vet and dental supplies in Canada, we believe that quality,
value and customer service are key. Learn why you should choose NeoSource over other dental, veterinary and medical suppliers
by reading our promise.

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